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SOLICITOR + LEGAL SERVICES + Sales and Marketing



Alex Tees, AAT LEGAL


Suite 3a Level 6, 303 Pitt St

Sydney Australia  


Ph      : (040) 9813 622  

Ph      : (02) 9281 3230 (Office)                                                           

Ph      : (02) 9389 1913 (Ah)

Fax    :  (02) 92804774                                                                

Email :


2006 and beyond............available for short term and long term retainer              


Presently we have been retained with extensive contractual, company, industrial relations, conveyancing and property related matters for various clients, some international, some domestic and some commercial, as well as scrutinizing and revising commercial contracts and undertaking substantial debt collection related litigation for two large size commercial organisations.(IT industry & DJ,Sound & Audio industry)


In the past, we have undertaken not only a preparatory litigation support role with Counsel but have also had substantial advocacy experience in the Local Court, District Court, the Supreme Court, the Industrial relations Commission and the Federal Court in both criminal and civil matters. Such experience has necessarily in the past also included representation of clients to The NSW Crimes Commission when they have been concerned with its enquiries.


Overseas Consultancy experience for the above two major commercial clients has included Import and Export Contracts/Marketing and Offshore Tax & Investment Planning for Expatriates including trusts and company formation and liaison with retained Lawyers in other jurisdictions.


In terms of my previous positions being in house legal positions with two companies the Principal has been extensively involved in preparation and vetting of commercial contracts, Conveyancing,Leasing, Industrial Negotiations, Advice on Awards and Industrial Agreements and  the provision of general contractual advice. Previous experience with the Master Builders Association and other private employers has involved extensive exposure to the analysis and drafting of construction contracts and the resolution of construction and industrial related disputes and  ensuring compliance with regulatory laws and regulations by Corporations and other organizations.


Experience in Legal Practice has mainly focused on achieving pragmatic cost effective and practical solutions of legal problems and disputes by use of experience in technical analysis of legal problems as applied to facts as presented.


Two major Commercial clients have Substantial potential opportunity and potential for the promotion of Business Migration and new Joint Venture Projects in their respective areas of business. The writer is available on a contract/project and part time basis.


Yours Faithfully,


(Alex Tees)
Claims Submitted


Legal Qualifications.


The Writer is the holder of an unrestricted practicing certificate as well as relevant tertiary qualifications.


Substantial Experience in Law


The Writer has participated as instructing Solicitor for Counsel and acted as advocate in a number of  substantial Criminal and Civil matters in the Local, District ,Supreme and Federal Court as well as the Family Court. Civil litigation has included Construction, Industrial Relations and Property matters. Criminal matters have included sexual assault and “home invasion”. The Applicant has undertaken  advocacy  in committal hearings in the Local Court and also in respect of Summary Matters ranging from assault through to longer hearings involving charges under the relevant Gaming legislation.


The Applicant has had carriage of various unfair dismissals and Industrial Matters both on behalf of Employers and Employees in the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW and the AIRC.


The Applicant has acted in respect of a number of complex administrative law related matters concerning Migration and alleged mistreatment of  detainees within Immigration Detention centers. In light of previous experience in the above and other areas of litigation ,it is submitted that the Applicant has a good understanding of the practice and implication of advocacy, criminal law and administrative law.


Development of Innovative Approaches – Management and Practice of Law.


In previous employment the Applicant has compiled Compliance / Operations Manuals to Guide conduct within organisations in relation to debt collection, sales practices, personel practice, associated employment law practice, contracting and the collection of information. This has been done with a view to enabling users to achieve a maximum of self sufficiency without recourse to detailed legal advice in respect of every single transaction.


Strategic Planning & Leadership Skills.


Previous engagements have involved substantial training of  other Legal and para legal staff as well as the provision of education in the form of seminars and educational presentations to general staff of commercial clients so as to improve compliance with applicable legislation.


As part of previous employment and present engagements, the Principal has supervised, co-ordinate and facilitated the work of other persons in areas of debt collection, sales practice and Industrial /Personnel Practice. 


Communication and Negotiation Skills.


Communication skills have been gained through previous involvement in commercial disputes leading to litigation and its settlement. Negotiation skills have been utilized to assist with the preparation of contractual agreements in the Construction and IT related industries as well as in relation to the resolution of disputes.


Conceptual Analytical and Problem Solving Ability.


Through involvement in complex litigation in the past, particularly that with respect to Employment and the drafting of complex commercial contracts in the commercial areas of practice, such ability has been developed with a view to achieving a realistic commercial and equitable solutions as part of comprehensive settlements and agreements. Examples include IT Industry agreements and the settlement of  Industrial related unfair dismissals disputes involving substantial and serious demonstrated misconduct on the part of senior employees in some relevant organisations.


Client Relationship Management


Both in private practice and within Commercial organisations high level use has been made of  instant electronic communication(s) (such as email) so as to maximize accountability and reporting to clients on a regular basis. The Principal has also focused on explaining the implications of complex legal matters in a manner that is readily understandable to clients.


Capacity to Exercise Judgment and direct Resources to achieve identified Outputs.


The Principal relies on the previous two claims in relation to this claim particularly with respect to diplomatically and discreetly alerting clients to having realistic expectations in respect of time and resources that my be required with respect to litigation.


Record of Professional and Personal Integrity.


The Principal relies on the previous provided employment record in this respect.

Summary of  Experience


                     Construction/Property Law & claims, disputes & resolution.


                     Industrial /Employment Law ,Formulation of Employment contracts,Advocacy,unfair dismissals, disputes & resolution.


                     IT  Contracts, Disputes


                     Debt collection, insolvency, demands and litigation including advocacy in all inferior & Superior Courts.


                     Advocacy & Conduct of  Criminal, Commercial & Family Law Matters since 1996


                     Solicitor/Legal Practice & Commercial Management, Supervision of other legal/para legal staff & practice Management.


                     International  Tax, Offshore Companies & Trust Formation


                     Franchise, Licences & Sale of Businesses.


                     Company & Commercial Compliance.


                     Sales & Marketing.




University Qualifications.

Bachelor of Arts (History), Post Graduate Diploma of Accounting,


Bachelor of Laws (1990), University of Technology, Sydney, N.S.W.

Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, University of Technology.


Professional Qualifications.


Admitted as Solicitor of Supreme Court of N.S.W. (1991)

Admitted as Solicitor of the High Court (1991)

Holder of Unrestricted Practising Certificate (NSW).






Assistant Legal Officer, Master Builders Association of  N.S.W.


1990  Dec.       


Legal & Compliance Manager,

P.F. Collier Inc, Sydney, N.S.W.



Legal Manager,

Canigan Glass Industries Pty Lt St Marys, N.S.W.


1994  Jan         


Legal Counsel,

Australasia Import & Exports Pty Ltd,

Sydney, NSW., Hong Kong & Guangzhou, China.


Consultant, Mondial Investment & Tax Planning

Hong Kong & Guangzhou.


1997 – 1998     



Remington & Co,

Sydney, N.S.W.





Duker & Associates

Sydney, N.S.W.




Solicitor/Lawyer in Practice on own Account.




References - Professional.


Mr Robert Boon, Managing Director (Retd)

P.F. Collier Inc  

Tel (02) 9670 2652 / 0404 473 880


Mr George Minas (Solicitor)

C/- Ebit, Level 6, 51 Druitt St

Sydney 2000

Ph (02) 9994 8266

Mob 0419218447


Mr Andrew Wei (Lawyer)

Suite 5

301A Castlereagh St

Sydney 2000 Australia

Tel 612 8200 8255

Tel 612 9281 7255/9281 9212

Facsimile 612 9280 0933



Corporate Clients

1. Rick Chisholm, Managing Director

AE Australia Pty Ltd


Cnr Gould St & Canterbury Rd

Canterbury Australia

Tel (02) 9568 2100 & 0413 004 386 Email:

Matters have included commercial litigation, Offshore tax planning and formation of overseas companies, Purchase of Commercial Properties and Leases.

As well as Franchise agreements for 20 retail stores nationwide.

2. Prominent Group of IT Service and IT Recruitment Companies, Sydney Australia

Matters have included commercial litigation, IT Contracts and IT Recruitment Contracts,Offshore tax planning and formation of overseas companies,.Purchase of Commercial Properties and Leases.