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Waverley Council considers this acceptable and a flag pole isn't

Waverley Council


The feeble excuse from the mayor of Waverley, Ms Mora Main regarding the refusal to fly the aussie flag atop the Bondi Pavilion is so ludicrous it is beyond logic, to those at Waverley Council to the Federal MP Mr. (Daddy Warbucks) Turnbull the debate concerning a flag pole is a inconsequential matter compared to the cancerous tumour at the northern end of the Bondi Pavilion. Just for the record my ancestors fought and many died for freedom during the stormy days of feudal Scotland, one such battle was at Stirling Bridge with the famed Sir William Wallace, my great-great-uncle on my mothers' side won the Victoria Cross at Lucknow, India in 1858, just a few days short of his 21st birthday, two great-uncles dying in WWI, a father and uncle (his younger brother) served in WWII, my uncle was executed in the notorious Japanese POW camp at Sandakan (San-Dar-Karn) in Borneo only a few weeks before the end of the war and a brother that served in Vietnam, I can assure the community that none of my bloodline had fought for the glory of a piece of cloth but for the freedom of one’s country, so to fiercely debate whether a piece of symbolic coloured cloth should be placed on the Bondi Pavilion is ludicrous.


This entry is not to debate whether or not it was constitutional to hoist the national flag atop the Pavilion, it is to argue that the mayor and her supporters are so incompetent that Waverley Council has done that no other has done before it, they have made the municipality of Waverley and its Council laughing stocks not just nationally but internationally (the present council couldn’t manage a sandcastle competition without stuffing it up), such gross mismanagement is caused by arrogance and incompetence.


There should be an investigation into why Waverley Council is approving very controversial development applications against continual public objection.


To prove a point let’s use the excuse given by Mora Main (remember, this is not an attack against her stance regarding a flag pole, it is her remark that needs to be addressed).


Her reason why the flag pole cannot be installed: “We would have needed a heritage study and engineering design to do that – a significantly difficult project” (Bondi View, January 2006)


Why is it difficult? Waverley Council thought it unnecessary to go through all that trouble to approve what is now a major blight on the northern end of the Pavilion, what could an unassuming rod do, overshadow Nick’s restaurant, or would it be in the flight path of low flying seagulls.


When Danny’s restaurant had the illegal tent city, it was naturally an illegal structure, this was verified by council when Mr. Pearce was mayor, it is also a fact that council knew then that they had the authority to remove the structure as it contravened the Land & Environment Act and the owner of Danny’s could do nothing about it, except to pay the bill forwarded to them by council for the removal and storage of the tent.


Today the existing monstrosity is supposedly protected from court action and possible removal as the dubious lease is a continuation of the original dubious lease that once belonged to Danny’s Seafood Restaurant, the lease then was under a magnifying glass though nothing was done while Council procrastinated, and nothing is done today while Council procrastinates.


It seems more than a dubious lease that needs to be investigated here.




3.15pm February 6th 2006

Bondi Road & Ocean Street North Intersection, Waverley


This is supposed to be a safe intersection according to Waverley Council, tell it to this young Asian girl who suffered a fractured skull and other facial injuries after being knocked down by a car, or to the elderly woman who died instantly just over a year ago when she was run down and had her head smashed against the gutter beside the Post Office like a raw egg, only 2 metres from the accident shown in this photograph, causing the elderly lady’s head to bleed profusely into the gutter from the injury.


How much blood is there to be shed before Waverley Council approves a few pedestrian crossings in that dangerous section. Would they still procrastinate or find some pathetic uncaring reason not to install a pedestrian crossing or two if a family member became the next victim.


If they can close side roads so friends can live traffic free in their street, surely Waverley Council can place a few crossings where it will serve the public at its best, especially now that an “affordable housing project” is well under way in Ocean Street North (where a much needed carpark used to be) for the comfortable and wealthy (see the illustration bottom right, sorry for the poor reproduction, the coloured version will soon replace it plus photos of the development).


Accidents have become so common on this corner that it would be a rare occasion if one month had passed without someone being run down or vehicles not colliding with each other, try turning right into Bondi Road from Ocean Street North without the fear of a collision, any bus parked at the bus stop heading to Bondi Beach will create a very large blind spot for anyone exiting left or right from Ocean Street North.


Good one Waverley Council, your incompetence, arrogance and total lack of care of public duty never ceases to amaze the broader community.



Low Cost Housing in Waverley


I always thought low cost housing was for the elderly and the underprivileged, it says in the illustration (Wentworth Courier, January 26, 2005, page 38) "Council is seeking applications for our Affordable Housing Program (AHP), which provides low-cost, local accomodation for people on low and moderate incomes who have a connection to Waverley.


One and two bedroom apartments are available to be leased at 75% of the median rent for up to three years to assist tenants to enter the private rental market or purchase a home at the end of that period.


To be eligible for the AHP you must have a household income between $549.75 and $1319.40 per week, be able to demonstrate a connection to Waverley and not own property or assets which could reasonably be expected to be used to solve your housing needs. Other criteria apply.


Waverley's Affordable Housing Program is one of several programs run by Council in response to the implications of declining housing affordability and choice in the LGA. All of our housing programs help people with an established connection to Waverley to continue to live close to support networks and loved ones when times are tough, They also help ensure that our community remains diverse and vibrant.


People who are interested in applying for affordable housing should contact Elizabeth from the South West Inner Sydney Housing Co-operative on 9699 6005."


What person who makes $1319.40 per week would need affordable housing, even if one calculates it as a total of a dual income it still amounts to $659.70 per week for a single person, that sort of income an individual can live quite comfortable in mainstream living.


$549.75 per week will allow a single person to live comfortable in mainstream living, if it were the total of a dual income then it would be understandable, but $549.75 for an individual and $1319.40 (single or dual for the latter) is preposterous.


More will be said about this in the very near future.


You have to be comfortable to be poor