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Coalition to Protect Public Properties and Crown Land Trust

Bondi Pavilion Heritage Committee (BPHC)

Bondi Surf Pavilion
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Bondi Pavilion Heritage Committee
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To join just submit your name and email address in the electronic form above - Let us know what your comments are about the Bondi Pavilion at Bondi Beach. 
The following information is what the committee is all about.

Support:  Community involvement

Feedback:  Open to all members of the public, this includes members of local, State and Federal divisions, as well as the traditional local indigenous owners of the land.

Exclusion:  Members of the above governments that have a pecuniary interest or other conflicts of interest against the heritage committee's aims and objective, this exclusion extends to any members of businesses and their associates that are causing an adverse impact to the heritage listed building.
Aim:  To conserve, protect and list the Bondi Surf Pavilion onto the database of the NSW State Heritage Register and the National Heritage List.
Liaision:  The BPHC will form a liaision with local, State and Federal levels of government but will not yield to any compromise that may/or will cause further adverse impacts against the already fragile condition of the heritage listed building. The BPHC will also liaise with the Register of the National Estate and other heritage protection departments and organisations.
Conservation Plan:  A community conservation plan will be drawn up with the help of a professional heritage consultant and legal advice and then delivered to State Parliament and Waverley Council.
End-Note:  Former committees created locally and with Waverley Council influence have had no impact for the protection of the Bondi Pavilion. These former committees are inactive. Damage to the iconic building is escalating.
Any future local committee controlled or influenced in any way by waverley Council will also be negative to the Bondi Pavilion's future.
A positive impact on the survival of the Bondi Pavilion as a community structure needs a state-wide committee that is immune from local government influence.
The Bondi Pavilion is the most sought after commercial sea-side real estate in NSW and should be safe-guarded from irresponsible decisions condemning it to further privatisation.