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What is the Coalition to Protect Public Properties and Crown Land Trust?


The CPPPCLTRUST is an electronic media site that publishes information that is in the public interest, information that the public is constantly denied by the media.


The CPPPCLTRUST is dedicated to the conservation of both the environment and heritage in Australia.


You can log onto the Ecology Action Sydney link to read about the continuing fight to save our rainforests, rare species and habitat etc, it is very compelling reading.


Or become a member of Ecology Action Sydney and help save our endangered living heritage.


There are many ways to campaign against the wanton destruction of our environment and heritage under the ruse that our future cannot survive without progress.


The future needs progress that's for certain, but to say that we must destroy the environment and to remove untouched relics of the past is not the answer and would serve no purpose for future generations, only to the developer and greedy governments.


Australians are becoming more aware of the importance of conserving our historic heritage. Heritage places and objects provide us with cultural and physical links to the past. They help us understand the broad scope of our past, ‘enrich people’s experiences and understanding’ and reflect ‘the community’s sense of cultural identity’.


Heritage listing and heritage protection is ultimately a ‘public good’ driven by the broader community. As such there is a strong expectation in the community that all levels of government should accept a significant part of the responsibility to ensure that places of heritage value are conserved. That expectation extends not only to the regulatory side of listing and protection, but also to financial aid and assistance.


If local councils in NSW are serious about preserving heritage places then they should adopt the Hands-on-Heritage program, this program was originally created by the Heritage Council of Victoria in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia.


The program encourages and coordinates the involvement of volunteers in projects that conserve historic buildings, gardens, parks and monuments. Volunteers are involved in a variety of labour-intensive tasks including painting, landscaping, repairing signs and other infrastructure; and the program contributes management and materials. In Victoria, more than 20 heritage listed sites have received such assistance with community plaudits.


Waverley Council’s favourite whinge that the Bondi Surf Pavilion is very costly to maintain and their constant excuse to privatise the building is to lessen the financial burden it has on Councils moth riddled coffers, should consider the type of volunteer work Victoria has, it free labour with great results, there is no tightening of the purse strings and the historical community building is maintained by community volunteers.


Of course the incentive behind such a community work experience project is that the volunteers would learn a lot from their involvement, such as archaeology, history, tourism, heritage preservation, architecture and even special events planning that would not be a threat to the delicate architectural fabric of such famous structures.


If councils do not listen to the community in relation to the hands-off demands from the community then all authority in the caretaking of all historical sites within their principality should be removed from that council.


A very good example of excessive neglect and dare I say in the boldest tone “a very severe case of conflict of interest” is Waverley Council’s deliberate inaction to protect the Bondi Surf Pavilion from over-development, and to say over-development in the case of the current predicament of the Bondi Pavilion is an understatement, it’s more along systematic butchering of what was once a very unique structure in Australia.


The structure at the southern end of the pavilion is like a massive ugly disease devouring the building section by section.


There is no excuse for this destructive barbaric act against a structure paid for by public taxes (proving that no government owns it but by the community whose taxes paid for its construction). Like the local indigenous landowners who should be notified of any proposal to use their land, it should be the same with council notifying the community of such proposals to usurp the Bondi Surf Pavilion, and if the majority of the community says no, then it should be a resounding NO, and council should strictly adhere to that demand and not assume that their amateurish, misguided and many times their deliberate attempts to mislead the public is in the public interest.


There is a big difference to what Waverley Council sees as what is in the public’s interest and what really is in the public’s interest.


Preventing what is devouring the Pavilion is in the public’s interest and what the council doesn’t want us to know is their version of what’s in our interest, more so that it’s actually in the council’s interest that behind the door deals with developers should be kept out of the public domain.


There are a few ways to bring such councils to accountability and one such way is to create a public watchdog that can bring such accountability to task.


To protest without physically protesting you can donate to any of the non-government organisations that appear and will appear on this website.


The public can become a member of the Bondi Pavilion Heritage Committee by adding their details to the electronic form by going to the link on the left of the page, it is a free membership and your membership could help save the Bondi Surf Pavilion from future over-development.


Any member of the public can contribute their story and photographs to the CPPPCLTRUST for publication, or one can volunteer as a reporter for the CPPPCLTRUST.


When reporting be careful not to write hearsay that may be deemed libel by those you write about, the truth hurts those who want the truth gagged, but hearsay can effectively put an end to the truth being exposed.


To prevent any unintentional libel all stories will be proof read and any suspect lines will be corrected, all care will be taken as not to alter the original story in any way.


Organisations or individuals that attempt to promote civil disobedience on the website where violence and racial dissension is obvious, these organisations and individuals will be denied access to the publication of their vitriol.


The CPPPCLTRUST will include links from other organisations that do not incite racial hatred.


The CPPPCLTRUST is dedicated to providing truthful news to the public without censure.


To provide such information may at times provoke a government to discredit the information or the provider of that information, but for any government to criticise the truth only means that the information is factual and needs to be aired.


True media coverage relies on the accuracy of whistleblowers these are people who speak out in the public interest, typically about corruption or dangers to the public or environment. They frequently come under attack, being ostracised, harassed, reprimanded, transferred, referred to psychiatrists, demoted and dismissed, and in some cases brutally assaulted at which the injuries can be so severe the victim will carry the pain and scars for the remainder of their lives.


Whistleblowers make numerous disclosures to official bodies such as the Criminal Justice Commission and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in NSW. Many of them are disappointed with the response -- or lack of it -- to their disclosures, at least according to whistleblower organisations. Some office bearers in Whistleblowers Australia said as much to media outlets. In response, Barry O'Keefe, head of ICAC, sent letters to Whistleblowers Australia demanding that apologies be made for these statements.[6] At the hearings of the NSW parliamentary committee with oversight of ICAC, Commissioner O'Keefe was asked why, if he was threatening to sue in his role as a private citizen, he had sent letters to Whistleblowers Australia on ICAC letterhead.[7] To some whistleblowers, it might seem that O'Keefe's letters are a symptom of precisely the problems with ICAC that they are complaining about.


The gagging of free speech and the suppression of dissidents goes on all the time, frequently with the object of protecting individual reputations against unwarranted attacks. A few cases receive widespread attention, but most are less spectacular. There are battles in every organisation in which employees are warned, censored, harassed and sacked. Numerous speakers and writers routinely engage in self-censorship.

Free speech will always be a threat to those in positions of power, some of whom will use whatever means possible to squash it. Free speech cannot be protected by laws alone. It requires people to continually exercise it.

The last three paragraphs above are an extract from Defamation and the Australian media: a case study by Brian Martin.


Believe it or not, writing about the demise of famous heritage listed buildings and the more controversial natural environment issues can invoke the wrath of corrupt dignitaries that would rather shut down sites that ignore threats from such parasites than for their infidelities to be made public.


When it comes to protecting famous heritage buildings, who do we protest to so our concerns can be heard, is it the Federal government? No. Is it the State Government? No. Is it the local government? Yes.


All developments must be formally approved by the local council before any alterations or other works could take place.


But what if an applicant develops on a site prior to submitting a DA, which is illegal and then submitting the DA after the structure had been built knowing that the local council will approve the illegal structure?


Sadly to say that actually occurred recently, this information and further news, events and download material is readily available on this website.


The CPPPCLTRUST is regularly updated to keep you informed of the latest news and relevant material to download.


If you find any information inaccurate please let us know as we are serious with the truth.


Robert Farquharson



The Policies of the CPPPLTRUST are:

  1. To provide an honest and accurate account of all envronmental issues.
  2. To make available any documents and photographs that are in the public's interest.
  3. To make available (by permission) professional contacts that are willing to provide legal and other professional assistance to the environmental and heritage cause.

The CPPPCLTRUST is apolitical and will not be associated with any violent direct action organisation.

Feel free to add your comments to any issue that is available on this website by clicking the Letters link or go to the Bondi Pavilion Heritage Committee link and voice your concern.


  1. Do your own reporting and have your story and pics published on the website.
  2. Inform the CPPPCLTRUST about any overdevelopment in your area (if possible the CPPPCLTRUST will have the problem photographed and published on the website).
  3. Join the Bondi Pavilion Heritage Committee.
  4. Help to compile the website.

If you know of other heritage committees that would like their organisation published or have their site link added to the navigational bar of this website, please let us know.


  1. Offensive language.
  2. Racist remarks.
  3. Attempting to publish civil disobedience propaganda that may result in violence.
  4. Links to militant organisations.
  5. Links to sites that are known for viruses.
  6. Libellous content.
  7. Plagiarism.
  8. Government propaganda.
  9. Irrelevant advertising material.

We are fast losing our rainforests through unjust logging and the destruction of iconic buildings under the guise of sympathetic restructuring and progress.

Where the developer dollar speaks the only language councils and higher governments understand.

Make a stand by supporting the CPPPCLTRUST or any of the sites or links that may be published through this website and create history by preventing the irreversible damage to our heritage and Australia's unique natural rainforest beauty.

Our past is the teaching tool for the future, destroy the gifts left to us by history and there will be nothing to leave to further generations to be proud of.

Let’s not be fooled that a fašade of a heritage building is still a heritage building, it is not, it is merely a shell of what was, rather than what is.

Governments of all levels should not assume that fašades is the quick answer to merging the present to the past; it isn’t and should not go on a fool’s errand thinking so.

Historical buildings intact supply us with a wealth of information, not mentioning the pride of having intact historical sites of state, national, or even international significance.

Justice is a two edged sword, the truth merely the whetstone. (Robert Farquharson)

Some helpful heritage and environmental links are listed at the bottom of the page (for more downloads click the Bondi Surf Pavilion link).





February 2006



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