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Wentworth Community Independents
Wentworth Community Independents




Community Independent Residents such as myself will be instituting the following agenda priorities for the forthcoming Federal election;

In the next few weeks / months, a series of public meetings will be called and held to set up an Exploratory Campaign Committee with a view to promoting an Independent campaign and or candidate in the forthcoming Federal election for the Federal seat of Wentworth.

"This may appeal to ordinary local residents and for those who are not members of BIG POLITICAL PARTIES, BIG TRADE UNIONS OR BIG BUSINESS"

Draft Policy Issues for Discussion

1. A policy to guarantee everyone who is capable a job; with Government if necessary, particularly in these economic boom times to subsidise jobs with local government, community organisations and other employers. Such policy will involve the abolition of unemployment benefits and its replacement with guaranteed net wage of at least that set by the fair Pay Commission.

2. (a) Control of the Health / Education services by the Commonwealth with the Commonwealth to pay for the same; with same to be paid for by the Commonwealth / Federal Government. ONE NATIONAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH SYSTEM = MASSIVE COST SAVINGS - NO DUPLICATION OF BUREAUCRACY. (b) One single National registration system for all Trades and Professions with common standards = more massive savings for Government and Business.

3. A further closer integration of all police services both Federal and State into one co-operative command; abolishing all duplicated responsibilities in policing and law enforcement that currently exists between Federal / State bodies. Further and extra funding for all police and a National training system for police to be set up.

4. The closure of Villawood detention and those at Port Hedland / and Victoria / and its / their replacement with a scheme where necessary of home detention and a smaller more humane immigration detention centre. No more former criminals or criminal deportees to be put in such centres with ordinary immigration detainees and no children ever to be held in immigration detention.

5. A proper National environmental audit with particular emphasis on further prevention of land clearance and preservation of natural rain forests.

6. Further continued assistance and intervention in support of all aboriginal communities in strict consultation with such communities to prevent child abuse in ALL States / Territories with LONG TERM extra resources and funds for doctors, accommodation and education. 

7. Continued National control of the national Communications / telephone and internet network and better government funding of same in all areas of Australia.

8. Enhanced funding and a massive expansion of Defence Reserve Forces to be recruited and trained on a regional basis; with emphasis on civil defence and natural disasters; while bolstering national and regional defence preparedness with maximum flexibility etc.

9. Increased funding and resources for Defence Forces to train local Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

10. Massive increase in Commonwealth funding for alternative energy sources other than oil / petrol; to solar, wind, tidal and oil substitute fuels; massive increase in funding for public transport and railways with the Commonwealth to take control of one National Uniform Rail system.

11. A Fair and Equitable National Industrial Relations System that governs all employees; not the current Federal / State Government sponsored mess with multiple coverage and uncertainty for employees in every jurisdiction in Australia.

12. GST ADMINISTRATION COSTS FOR SMALL BUSINESS ARE STILL TOO ONEROUS AND SHOULD BE SUBSIDISED AND PAID FOR BY GOVERNMENT NOT SMALL BUSINESS ... a GST Stamp system could be introduced whereby users of small business services purchase GST stamps from the Government and then hand them over physically or electronically to small business thereby meaning small business no longer collect taxes for the government or administer its tax system for it ... "The cost of administering the GST should be borne by the Government NOT SMALL BUSINESS" (as it is at the moment).

All the above will achieve massive costs savings and significant investment for the future of all Australians for the future.

A public meeting will shortly be held in Wentworth in the next few months to form a campaign committee to promote the above policies.