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As people are probably aware of now, the Collective Centre for Policy Alternatives has launched a draft idea of its plans to reduce and abolish unemployment. This is something welfare sectors, government agencies, and even the politicians themselves are aware of. Burgeoning costs are becoming a real threat as is the encroaching threat of allowance cuts in order to provide social security and not be a burden on the system. The CCPA has come up with an idea to deal with this.

First a new self  funding organisation would be established called the GGEC. Funds would be collected from government grants, via those in the work force paying an unemployment levy and by taxes to the tobacco, alcohol and luxury motor vehicle industries. Initially all welfare payments would go to the organisation and a minimum wage would be set and distributed to people who were unemployed.

This would be done on the proviso that the organisation would become self funding and was overseen by a bi-partisan parliamentary committee.

The disadvantages of going through workers and various industries is that it targets the small fish. Employment and its various sectors such as the casual labour market are very unstable to begin with.
This would instill bitterness, especially from industries who would question why they were being targetted. It might  also impact on those who live just above the poverty line; those who are poor but are not on welfare. This makes it difficult for people getting off welfare too, as they will suddenly be hit with impediments and extra costs. Perhaps such a socialist policy should be directed at the owners of public commodities such as those who have a virtual monopoly on the stock market and own newspapers. People with this much power should be obliged to give to the welfare sector so people can in fact generate the economy as the catch phrase goes. As the tacit meaning behind work your way up suggests, you do have to accept certain conditions because work is scarce and therefore there is not much work to go around. Hence, those who are in lucrative situations like this should give back to the welfare sector.

In a context like the GGEC, this does mean allocating money to an amorphous organisation to people who may not want to work for various reasons. Money would go directly to an organisation for jobs not the dole and not work for the dole. Such a scheme is also beneficial in that money would go to people who want to work and make those work who feel they can't or don't for various reasons. By giving people a payable wage it provides dignity and real jobs as opposed to legitimated shit kicking.

Please feel free to make comments suggestions and provide dissent. This is a forum for discussion. Please no corporate rednecks or people determined to label you a commo. A story with comments from those in the welfare sector, government agencies and various authorities will be on this site soon.
Elsa Moore

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