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Draft Plan to Reduce and Aim to Abolish Unemployment


In the current relatively good economic climate in Australia it is now arguably incumbent on all parties and governments in Australia to consider measures to attempt to permanently reduce unemployment. Certain areas in Victoria and the Western Suburbs of Melboure and Sydney and also Tasmania for example still have very high levels of  specific "area" pockets of unemployment for example.

The following policy initiative is therefore put forward for discussion purposes. Federal and State Governments would incorporate a Government Guaranteed
Employment Corporation (GGEC).
Funds for the GGEC would be derived from;

1. Initial Federal and State Government grants.

2. An increase in the tax on tobacco and alcohol by way of a special 1% tax and possibly a special 0.5% tax on the price of all luxury motor vehicles with a retail price of over $50,000-00. A special mild property tax on all real estate purchases over the price of A$2,000,000-00.

3. Each employee paying a mild unemployment insurance levy

4. Each Employer paying a mild unemployment insurance levy received would received, invested and managed by the GGEC.

In an initial period all unemployment benefits would be abolished and the funds normally spent would be remitted to the GGEC. GGEC would then guarantee employment and a wage set as the minimum wage payable by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission or better if such could be afforded for all persons who remained unemployed for more than 4 weeks.

After a period of years once the GGEC has accumulated funds the scheme could be expanded to solo parent and guaranteed provision of part time or full time employment with GGEC provided child care.

Planning would have to be undertaken on the basis that all levies in the and would cause the GGEC to become self funding. GGEC's investment policies would be over seen by a bi partisan small parliamentary committee.

* Employment positions would be created with Farmers, Federal and State Governments, Community organisations and subsidised positions would or could be created with private business organisations.